April 20, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Audio Branding?

In our days, differentiation through quality and product is no longer possible most of the times. By emotionalising your Brand with music, you are making your Brand Desirable. When it comes to buy / not buy, DESIRE makes all the difference!

Why is Audio Branding Cost Effective?

Through the use of specific music you succeed in making your Brand Memorable & Desirable easier and quicker. You no longer have to waste money and energy in inefficient communication with conflicting perceptions by the consumer.

Do I have to be a really big Company to use Audio Branding?

No. If you own a company or you are responsible for a brand, you have a lot to gain through the use of a specific music and by having a specific audio strategy. Sound Identity is necessary not only if you are making TV spots where the right sound helps you save on purchased air time. On the contrary, Sound Identity covers all of your touchpoints (telephone on hold, internet etc) so it leaves all of your customers with the same intergrated impression / taste of your Brand no matter the way how your customer got in touch with you.

Remember: Right and consistent Impression / Experience leads to Selling.

Should I need a total Audio Branding service to contact you?

No. Even if you just need a second opinion or expert advice regarding music choices, or original music compositions, you are welcome to contact us by choosing the Express Sound Consulting. In other words, if you dealing with any sound matter... we are only too happy to help you!

Is it the right time for my company to start dealing with issues regarding its sound?

Well, actually you are already dealing with sound, because even if you don’t realise it, your company already "makes" sound. Anytime is right to start controlling that sound... and inappropriate sound can actually harm the entire communication your company is transmitting!