April 20, 2016



Audio Clusters is committed to delivering a high level of consulting, by using a holistic approach method, scientifically structured, and continuously improved through research funding and the constant monitoring of Audio Branding innovations.

Holistic Audio Identity ™ (Holistic Sound Identity™)
The supreme Audio Service that includes all the Audio Branding Knowledge and the efficient methodology of our company.

Express Sound Consulting
Express answers to any question or advice regarding sound production, sound use or legal advice regarding intellectual property.

Organization of Audio Branding Workshops. Specially made for companies who want to know more about how control of Sound can help them.


Audio Clusters is committed to offering a new approach to Creation, thanks to its well educated and experienced creator composers. It is also able to offer diversity thanks to its creators’ different cultural backgrounds.


Audio Clusters is committed to offer the certainty of Continuity, a sealed and specific sound. An Audio Identity that expresses itself through time.

It is very important for a brand to know that it will still be able to count on Audio Clusters for Brand Management or Legal advice and improvement face-lift, even after the completion of the project.

Audio Cluster’s Clients are members of the CCC™ (Continuity Cluster Club) and by keeping their Holistic Audio Identity™ Guide in our database, we can assist and support them any time.