Why Audio Branding?
Increased Sales

First level: Increase sales thanks to Right Mood within a Point Of Sales.

It’ s proven through research that the use of specific soundscapes can increase sales up to 38%!

Second level: Increase sales thanks to emotional bonds with your Brand.

In our days, differentiation through quality and product is no longer possible most of the times. By emotionalising your Brand with music, you are making your Brand desirable.

When it comes to buy / not buy, DESIRE makes all the difference!

Increased Brand Value

Your Brand is your most important asset.

A brand can represent over 50% of the value of a company! According to the BP Council (2009), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), reports that 80% of corporate value today is represented by intangible assets.

You can literally increase value by strengthening your brand through the use of sound. It’s proven through research that adding a specific sound to your visual assets, multiplies the effectiveness of your brand, which in real terms means your brand’s value.

Increased Productivity

First level: Increase thanks to Focus.

In a noisy enviroment, productivity goes down to 66%, due to our inability to focus on what we do. Imagine what you can achieve by providing to your employees the optimum sound enviroment.

Second level: Increase thanks to motivation and team spirit.

Sound applications in the internal company communication can strengthen the emotional bond between the staff and between the staff and the company. This may result in increase in staff motivation and team spirit, which leads to increased productivity.

Achieve Effective and Cost Efficient Communication

Because humanity is now producing such a vast amount of information, we’re seeing every day products, logos and communication campaigns that are similar to one another.

It is today more vital than ever before to be: Unique & Memorable, Relevant & Consistent. Audio Branding is a serious marketing tool that provides you with an identical brand perception, regardless of media platform, by using music intentionally and strategically to obtain a predefined effect. This is not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of management systems.

Sound is the most Cost Efficient way to aid Brand Recognition, to help you stand out in the crowded and competitive marketplace of today.

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About US

Some things about Audio Clusters
Who We Are

Audio Clusters is an audio branding company which was founded in Paris when Rianna Chaita decided to find and unite knowledge, experience and love for music from around the world to create a “Branding Innovation”.


Audio Clusters’ goal is to provide the best Audio Branding Service, in the areas of Consulting, Creation and Continuity of the process.


The founders’ vision was followed by a team of professionals who specialise in this field, talented and passionate about their work, perfectionists who get unique results. The team’s aim is open minded spirit and innovative goals.

Specialists in Audio Marketing & Branding, Specialists in Psychoacoustics*, Musicologists, Composers, Sound Designers, Artistic Directors, Project Managers, Legal Consultants.

* Psychoacoustics is the scientific study of sound perception. More specifically, it is the branch of science studying the psychological and physiological responses associated with sound (including speech and music)

High Technology Equipment

The company's studio is equipped with the latest audio technology. The audio database is constantly renewed in order to have a technically perfect, high quality, special acoustic-aesthetic result.

The Vision

Audio Clusters envisions a world where every brand will have its own original Sound that will infuse each and every communication making its mark through time.

  • Goal
  • Team
  • High Technology Equipment
  • The Vision

Let's create some music!

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