April 20, 2016


Audio Clusters - Audio Branding Audio Branding

Audio branding describes the process of brand development and brand management using acoustic elements to achieve brand communication. Audio branding is part of a multi-sensory brand communication process and holistic approach to corporate design.

Audio Clusters - Audio Logo Audio Logo

(Sonic Logo, Sound Logo) The audio logo is a brand’s acoustic identification element.

Audio Clusters - Brand Song Brand Song

(Corporate Song) Composition is based on acoustic brand identit

Audio Clusters - Brand Voice Brand Voice

(Corporate Voice) Vocal element of brand communication represents the brand personality.

Audio Clusters - Soundscapes Soundscapes

A soundscape has a rather diffuse background with meaningful foreground elements (sound marks in analogy to land marks).

Audio Clusters - Sound Design Sound Design

Is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements.

Audio Clusters - Call Centers Call Centers

Music for people who are waiting on hold.

Audio Clusters - Tv Radio Spots TV / Radio Spots

Music and Sound Design for TV and Radio Spots.

Audio Clusters - Waiting Room Sonorisation Waiting Room Sonorisation

Soundscapes and Music to optimise the expirience in a Waiting Room.

Audio Clusters - Store Sonorisation Store Sonorisation

Soundscapes and Music specialy designed to acheve predefined goals, such as sales` increase or consumers’ satisfaction.

Audio Clusters - Web Sonorisation Web Sonorisation

Soundscapes and Music specially designed for your Web Communication.

Audio Clusters - Innovative Projects Innovative Projects

Soundscapes and Music specially designed for specific Innovative Projects.

Audio Clusters - Workshops Workshops

We organize Audio Branding Workshops for your company or organization.