April 20, 2016

Audio Branding

What is Audio Branding?

Audio branding describes the process of brand development and brand management using acoustic elements to achieve brand communication.

Audio branding is part of a multi-sensory brand communication process and holistic approach to corporate design.

Optimum media mix has become more challenging than ever before, because, on one hand, of the introduction of new ways of communication (internet) and the mass of implementing data, as well as the development of consumers' negative attitude towards advertising on the other hand. The use of acoustic elements in the process of brand development and management, helps your brand to be distinguished and emphasises their uniqueness.

You have to boost your Brand by means of a holistic approach to brand communication and by using multisensory communication based on Neuromarketing research.

Recent research indicates that no rational decisions are made without the participation of emotional processes, wich seems to indicate that we need to have both verbal and non-verbal aspects in our communication for it to work optimally.

Sending clear and consistent brand messages that are common to all channels and senses, contributes to better and more efficient communication.